Welcome to the Varango Group

The Varango Group exists to serve its clients and support them as they create and shape real estate projects.

We have many decades experience of working to deliver substantial development projects frequently with a rail or infrastructure component.

We work at the very earliest stages of a project where critical shaping and directional choices often have a large influence on the ultimate success of the concept.

There are numerous forces bearing on the UK economy to create pressures and associated changes in the shape and direction of the economy with concomitant opportunities. Long established patterns of travel work leisure and retail have been changing for a number of years . The pace of change has accelerated with the combined impacts of Covid and Brexit alongside strategic trends of climate change and global demographics. In the UK ( and possibly elsewhere ) these are to be seen against the background of the re emergence of big Government as a major actor .

All of this creates  opportunities for those who can adjust to the new environment and of course there is nothing new in much of this. Much of our experience has been garnered at the public/private interface deploying hybrid capital models to deliver policy objectives and commercial outcomes. Such partnerships can be difficult to structure and execute requiring close familiarity with the operation and habits of mind of Government alongside acute commercial sensitivity. We have worked for or opposite all major departments of Government and can bring to bear a substantial understanding of the machinery of Government.

These skills and experience supplement our real estate experience and position us to support clients in optimising the next few years.


Simon Allan – simon@varangogroup.com

Sian Allan – sian@varangogroup.com